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Brick Flower Market is closed.

Remembering Flowers on Route 88
of Bricktown, NJ

With love and respect for the legacy of Flowers on Route 88, Flowers By Addalia warmly welcomes the community and former patrons.


Welcome to Flowers by Addalia, where every petal has a story. As we honor the cherished memories created by Flowers on Route 88, we extend a hand to continue nurturing those stories with our blooms.

Though the doors of Flowers on Route 88 have closed, the aroma of fresh flowers continues to flourish here at Flowers By Addalia. For decades, Flowers on Route 88 graced our community with beauty and elegance. Today at Flowers by Addalia, we commit to upholding this tradition by providing the Virginia Beach community with the same level of quality and care.

Explore our wide selection of floral arrangements perfect for any occasion. From Birthday Flowers to Anniversaries, from celebrations to just-because moments, we're here to help you express every sentiment with flowers in Bricktown, New Jersey.

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